2019 Design Trends

October 21, 2019

As we mark 10 years of Hansen Living, 2019 has been one of our most exciting years. We have had the privilege of working with some of the best design experts to deliver the most beautiful homes. This year has been all about texture, details and bringing the outdoors in. Here are some of our favourite design trends to date which featured in one of our most recent projects in Rye.


Façade Matters

In 2019 home designers and architects focus largely on the exterior façade. Combining materials, textures and colours has been widely popular. Timber panelling has made a come-back and we are seeing lots of natural materials working as architectural features in vertical and horizontal formats. Clean lines have never been more popular and a mixture of smooth, matte and natural textures has brought a unique element to today’s contemporary exterior designs.

Rye Builder New Home


Dark Kitchens

White and bright will always “wow”, however we are seeing a resurgence of timber in kitchens, including dark timber flooring and cabinetry. Alongside the timber trends we are seeing black cabinetry mixed with lighter bench tops. Natural stone and marble are still high on the list for many clients with the combination of natural materials to tie them in, adding warmth to the heart of the home.

Rye Kitchen Builder

Let There Be Light

Windows have never been larger and we have delivered some of our largest windows this year. When used in private spaces, windows allow us to embrace the outdoors from the comfort of our home. The wall to window ratio has evolved over the years with building methods and materials changing to cater to an increase in window size, as well as the number of windows per room. We use the highest standards of building to ensure that our clients can enjoy the dramatic effect of large windows exactly where they desire them. Here at Hansen Living we like to use commercial grade windows for high quality, safety and security.

Windows Rye Builder

For added light and to liven up dark spaces, we are overseeing the installation of skylights in all shapes and sizes. Skylights are changing spaces and providing homeowners with endless floorplan and design opportunities.


Sustainable Design Solutions

We support sustainable building solutions and enjoy working with like-minded clients. We consider the environment when we build but we also consider how our clients will live in their homes and how they will impact their surrounding environment. We are also seeing more solar panelling and water tanks included as a well-considered aspect of new builds. We expect to see more of a shift towards sustainable, environmentally friendly new builds from planning stage as this trend continues and grows. We support sustainable building practices here at Hansen Living and work with our clients to achieve a positive result for them and the environment.

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