Q&A with the Founder of Hansen Living

June 3, 2019

Scott Hansen is the founder of the prestigious Melbourne-based building company, Hansen Living. Well known in the industry for cutting edge design and outstanding attention to detail, Scott partners with the best interior designers, architects and tradesmen in Melbourne and has developed an impressive portfolio in doing so.
Scott controls all aspects of building and can also assist his clients with the design. Dealing with trades people, design changes and general construction issues can be stressful and frustrating. Scott manages these issues with the overarching goal of keeping clients’ stress levels to a minimum.

Scott Hansen



Q. Scott, what do you love about building dream homes for your clients?
A. I enjoy executing plans seamlessly and seeing the client truly love the result. We think of how the home will work for the client every step of the way. Their reaction and appreciation for the attention to detail and design elements is why I love what I do.

Q. What advice do you have for anyone currently looking to engage a builder?
Ensure you choose the right person for the job. It can be a disaster to hire an inexperienced builder to do high-end work. It’s like taking a Rolls Royce to a budget mechanic – it just isn’t going to work.
Assess the quotation thoroughly. Don’t assume that some builders can purchase materials cheaper than others – be wary of cheaper quotes. Cheaper and quicker does not mean better.

Q. What is your favourite Hansen Living project to date?
A. I appreciate all of our projects for different reasons but three key projects that stand out to me are:
126 Heath Street for its state-of-the-art design and for winning the sought after title of Best Custom Home of the Year. You can’t beat that city view.

Blairgowrie stands out to me as it was such a spectacular transformation. The home was a 1970s asbestos beach shack that had been at frame stage internally for 45 years. The home underwent a major transformation to create a tranquil beachside space with combined indoor and outdoor living.

Somme Parade Edithvale is a recent favourite with incredible beachfront access. The interior renovation was a huge success and the project was a joy to work on with the client having extensive building and construction knowledge.

Q. Scott, tell us a bit more about you. What excites you outside of your profession?
A. Catching up with friends and family and spending time with my wife and daughter embracing the beauty of the Mornington Peninsula. When we aren’t cooking and entertaining in our home, I enjoy looking at properties – there is always something new to learn and new projects to seek out for inspiration.


Q. What’s next for Hansen Living? Anything exciting in the pipeline?
A. Very exciting times here at Hansen Living! We’ve recently relocated our offices and really firmed up our team. We have excellent cohesion between our staff from the office onto the building site.
We have just commenced two spectacular townhouses in Albert Park and we are working on a few new projects that we can’t wait to share with you.

If you are looking for a premium builder for a seamless stress-free build, contact Scott at Hansen Living on (03) 8060 7048 or by email: [email protected]

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