Step by Step: Build Your Melbourne Dream Home

June 29, 2018

As the experts in custom built homes, we often receive questions about our processes and timeframes. Our prospective clients ask: What exactly is involved? How do we get started on our build?

Whether you’re embarking on a new build or a significant renovation, Hansen Living focuses on luxury high-end designs and finishes, delivering only the finest in custom built homes. As we love to help, we’ve written this article to help you understand the process of building your luxury dream home.


Step 1: Engage with a custom home builder

First thing’s first, let’s chat! Let’s talk about what you envisage for your dream home and how we can bring this to life. Once we have your expectations on paper, we can come through the site or existing home for a thorough inspection. As the experts in our field, this is our opportunity to see what is truly possible for your space in terms of building, foundations and addressing what needs to go through council and what doesn’t.

During this initial phase we will:

  • Assess the home
  • Provide a building inspection
  • Assess what needs to go through council
  • Bring in our architect if needed


Tip: Can we draw up plans? Yes we can! But we also work with architects when we need to combine our skillsets. Engaging with an architect first can provide you with designs and budgets that ultimately need amending. To avoid this, engage with a custom home builder first who can get the process started and bring in added services if required.

Step 2: Applications & Approvals Process

For custom built, architecturally designed homes, the council application and building permit approval processes can take some time. This is partly due to the system, and also because Hansen Living Homes aren’t your average stock-standard home. A Hansen Living home is built to suit your specific needs as a family – we create homes that “wow” with unique features and functionalities. The approval processes can take upto six months on average.

What’s a building permit?

This is a formal request to build or carry out development within a Local Government Area. An application is made up of documents which include: site plans, architectural plans, and independent reports.

During this time, your builder will engage with the subject matter experts required to complete your dream home. These may include:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Town planners


Step 3: Your builder will set a budget & timeframe

A common frustration for home owners is when builders over promise on budget and timeframe. When sourcing quotes, be wary of those who seem too cheap and too fast. A buffer will be included in these quotes for over-time and over-spending. Be sure to consider these into your budget.

If you want to know more about how to choose a credible builder, see our article: 5 ways to check if your potential home builder is credible. 

A realistic time frame for an architecturally designed custom built home is roughly 48 weeks.

Step 4: Your builder will project manage the build

Your builder will navigate trades, supplies and materials. Most builders will provide you with a weekly update of what is underway and what to expect next. Don’t be afraid to check in and make sure everything is on track and going smoothly – this is your investment after all. It’s important!

Too often we hear of builders starting strong and finishing softly as they commence another new build. Communication between you and your builder will ensure you aren’t wondering where everyone is and what’s happening with your build as the deadline approaches.

Want to see some of Hansen Living’s completed projects in the Melbourne area? See our portfolio here. 


Step 5: You move into your dream home

Ta dah! We may have made it sound easy, but in reality, building your dream home is a huge investment both financially and emotionally. It’s therefore really important to work with someone you trust. At Hansen Living, we dedicate ourselves to the following:

  • Delivering your home on time
  • Sticking to your budget
  • Engaging with the best experts in the business
  • Project Managing the process for you from concept to delivery
  • Utilising quality materials and finishes – we never take short cuts, although we have had to fix MANY made by other builders.

The bottom line is you must do your research, and if you want high end quality finishes in a home that you will love for years to come, contact people who specialise in this specifically.

If you’re looking to build something truly unique to your family please email us here. Let’s get started!



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