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April 10, 2019

While some may consider enlisting the help of an Interior Designer a luxury, we see the role they play in the success of our homes a necessity. Not to be confused with an Interior Decorator, an Interior Designer brings a wealth of design experience to your project and plays a vital role in smoothing the process of your build from start to finish. In a nutshell, their goal is to provide everyone involved with the most detailed plans from the get-go. Their extensive groundwork ensures a smooth process, minimises communication between you and your trades and avoids surprise expenses.

Here at Hansen Living, we work with some of the best Interior Designers in the industry. For some of our most impressive projects, we partnered with Interior Designer extraordinaire, Felicity, from Watts Studio. When we collaborate on a project together, the result is always a smooth build with a stunning design. Their style truly fits with our goal of building homes to suit people’s lifestyles.


Here’s how an Interior Designer complements what we do for you as your home builder:


Get organised from the get-go

Yes, the process is meticulous but it’s worth it. Before we’ve even broken ground, we have already narrowed down your taps, window dressings and even the function elements of your kitchen. By signing off on these things early on in your build, you can budget, pre-order and be prepared for all of those questions that come your way from trades. By enlisting a company like, Watts Studio, you can rest assured knowing that you have all of your bases covered throughout your project. An Interior Designer sets you up for success from the start.

 “Felicity’s attention to detail is a true asset to the process of our custom designed and built homes” Scott Hansen, Hansen Living

Hansen Living Watts Studio

Identify your style

This is key to building your true dream home.
An Interior Designer can help you determine your style as well as the functionalities within a home that makes your life easier. This is where concept boards come into play. Determining the features you love, in terms of fittings, cabinetry, floorings and finishing’s will allow your Designer to ensure that every element marries together beautifully – minimising decision making time. Designing your home should be fun and it is when you are guided by the experts.

“Working with an Interior Designer, allows us to deliver a true-life reflection of how you will live in your Hansen Living home” Scott Hansen, Hansen Living

Watts Studio Hansen Living

An up and coming Hansen Living and Watts Studio project.

The team at Watts Studio make this process truly enjoyable as they effortlessly eliminate the stress of trying to narrow down what you really want for your home. They have all the answers on hand.

“Consider us your design filtering system that not only provides quality control but carefully manages the stress points throughout your build” – Felicity, Watts Studio

Avoid bill shock

An itemised list of all of your fixtures, fittings, cabinetry, and flooring will help you understand what you are spending from the beginning. An Interior Designer essentially helps you forecast your overall spend and can help you create your dream home within your budget.

“We work closely with Interior Designers to ensure the client achieves their desired aesthetic within the proposed budget. We work together with Watts Studio to ensure a successful end result across all elements of the build.” – Scott Hansen, Hansen Living

Watts Studio Hansen Living


Let them manage the nitty gritty

Experienced home builders will know that there is an endless amount of communication that goes on throughout the building of a home. With companies such as Watts Studio you can allow a number of hours for your Interior Designer to tackle these questions for you.
We often find that working families and young families who are juggling work and parenting, benefit the most from enlisting an Interior Designer to be the person “on call” for onsite questions and issues. We are the experts in problem solving and will be able to come up with design solutions, fast. You can be assured that you are in great hands when you team up with Hansen Living and Watts Studios.



When you employ Hansen Living as your home builder, Felicity from Watts Studio will provide you with a free 20 minute consult to discuss your own personal style and Interior Design must-haves. 

To get started, email [email protected] today, and visit the Watts Studio website to see some of their stunning projects:

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