The Cost of Poor Construction

July 3, 2019

You may have seen in the news recently that people have been left without homes as a result of poor design and construction. The truth is that poor quality construction compromises more than just the quality of your finishes, it leads to complications with the structure and safety of your home – sometimes leaving it unhabitable.


What leads to poor construction?

– Builders underquoting to get the job which leads to cutting corners to keep costs down
– Feeling the pressure of deadlines leads to rushed processes
– The use of poor-quality materials to keep costs down


Poor quality work costs YOU money

Poor quality work haunts home owners months and sometimes years after the completion of their homes. These nasty surprises leave home owners frustrated, out of pocket and sometimes without a home for a period of time. This can be devastating for a family. Rectifying poor workmanship can cost the home owner up to 15% of the entire project build. Imagine what you could do with that extra money.
Typically, when one problem is resolved, another related issue will rear its head and we have seen many cases where the repair and rectify bill exceeds $100,000 over a period of time.

“Our advice here is to spend time selecting the right builder, the one who promises you quality and excellent workmanship over fast timelines and cheaper quotes – because from our experience you pay in the long run” – Scott Hansen – Director

Other issues you may encounter…

Defects delays projects: There’s no use delivering a home full of building defects. The home can’t be exchanged until these have been rectified and assessed, therefore the time spent fixing these issues (which the builder should have never made) will slow down your build. They will ultimately try to make up for this extra cost by taking the money away from another area of the build – this could mean using cheaper materials and once again cutting corners to keep things within the original scope.

Cutting corners causes accidents: Imagine rushing something as important as testing the foundations of your home and reinforcing structures just to deliver your home in time. It’s just not worth it, but unfortunately it does occur in the building industry. Safety is paramount for us at Hansen Living and cutting corners to deliver a home in time is something we will not do. We allow a structured timeframe for our build that is expertly designed by our Project Manager to ensure we cover off all of our bases. We know exactly how long things take and what to expect. There’s no need to cut corners.

Rushed work requires redoing & leads to wasted materials: Redoing work that either doesn’t meet the standards or displeases the client means demolition and material wastage. Depending on your contract the money to redo these items will likely come back to you somehow – whether you are charged for the time to redo the work and purchase materials, or the builder may cut costs elsewhere in the home. It’s never a good thing for the home owner or the environment.

“Hiring a builder who is experienced in delivering high quality is the key to a successful build partnership. Always seek testimonials and review their portfolio to determine whether a builder is capable of meeting your expectations.” – Jeff Cartwright – General Manger of Construction

The Hansen Living promise:

• We deliver exactly what we promise – expert finishes and excellent quality within the agreed budget.
• We finish the project to the agreed timeline – no dragging the deadline as we near completion. We finish with the same passion and enthusiasm as we start with.
• Every Hansen Living project is overseen by a Partner in the company. We are proud of our company and ensure each build is one we would proudly showcase in our portfolio – no exceptions!

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